InVizAR prototype for MS HoloLens - video collection

More information on the InVizAR project can be found here:

Followingly, two supplementary and alternative - as to their functionalities and visualization attributes - versions of the prototype are presented.

Version A.


  1. Close inspection and Animation ON
  2. ColorMap change
  3. Particle System activation
  4. Enabling of Bounds Control and move of pipe using Far Interactions
  5. Disabling of Bounds Control
  6. Particle System OFF and see how it dissolves away
  7. Particle System ON and how it displays one measured line after each other
  8. Opacity change
  9. Reset of Pipe to original position
  10. Test of Hide Pipe and Show Pipe buttons

Version B.


  1. Opacity change
  2. Tap on Point for additional frequency information
  3. Time Slider for navigating through historical datasets